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YoungBrains @CNSeminars
Neuroscience with and for kids


Thank you for taking part in YoungBrains! If you would like to receive updates on the project, please subscribe to the @CNSeminar YouTube channel.


Join the conversation and send us your questions by following @CNSeminars and using #YoungBrains on Twitter.

We invite people around the world to send us their conversations about the brain with kids!


The Idea.

Kids have a unique perspective on the world they live in. As our worlds have changed a lot in 2020 a lot of children have seen their parents work from home. And many had a lot of questions about what their parents are actually doing. Being a bunch of scientist working on the brain some of these questions and comments on our work were simply wonderful. From that, we had the idea to have a chat with children about what they know about the brain and what they think it does. At the same time, this is an opportunity for them to ask us questions about the brain. We would also be thrilled to see your pictures of the brain for our YoungBrains Gallery!

We anticipate capturing the ordinary and the extraordinary, the personal and the profound and some very funny and surprising answers.

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