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Grab a coffee and an interesting paper from the last week and join us for a discussion of exciting science.

The new season is starting in October 2020.

Every Monday morning 10am Paris time.

Join online via zoom:

Meeting ID: 974 2805 0844
Passcode: 137805


  1. New standard space:

  2. Olfactory mystery:

  3. Auditory System:

  4. A novel homunculus?

  5. Model of brain development from the dHCP used to detect perinatal white matter injury. with video:

  6. Drosophila Connectome at the nanoscale

  7. BrainSpace: a gradient toolbox

  8. Structural connectivity a new way to measure it?

  9. Multimodal mouse imaging (clarity & MRI)

  10. Squid connectome:

  11. Comparative anatomy in a common space:

  12. Non-linear dimension reduction via UMAP

  13. Deep Learning for Connectome

  14. RNA therapies explained:

  15. Evolution of the arcuate fasciculus

  16. Klinger dissections

  17. Temporal sequences of brain activity at rest are constraint by white matter

  18. fMRI debate (Kullmann editorial)

  19. Variability in analysis for same dataset

  20. What Hollywood can teach researchers

  21. Neurogenesis in PD

  22. Mapping Structural Connectivity Using Diffusion MRI: Challenges and Opportunities

  23. Behavior Genetics and Individuality Understood.

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