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Is Bigger Really Better? A tractography study of the fronto-parietal visuospatial networks

Speaker: Dr Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Natbrainlab

19 JANUARY 2012




Right hemisphere dominance for visuospatial attention is characteristic of most humans, but its anatomical basis remains unknown. We report the first evidence in humans for a larger parieto-frontal network in the right than left hemisphere, and a significant correlation between the degree of anatomical lateralization and asymmetry of performance on visuospatial tasks. Our results suggest that hemispheric specialization is associated with an unbalanced speed of visuospatial processing.




Dr Michel Thiebaut de Schotten is a founding member of the Natbrainlab, and co-authored the recent ‘Atlas of Human Brain Connections.’ His work on visuospatial attention was recently published in Nature Neuroscience and a full list of his publications can be found here.

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