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Who can take part:

Everyone with a curious mind and all ages are welcome!

What you need:

1. YoungBrains. You can do this with your children or kids you are allowed to talk to (parental consent needed). School classes, Kindergarten and small groups of kids are also welcome to submit.

2. Recording device. Ideally, a video but we also accept audio recordings. The set-up is important. We appreciate that many people do not like their kids to be visible on the video. So here are some ideas to circumvent it:

-  point the camera at yourself while you talk to them (ala SynpasenMikado)

-  just record the audio.

4. Questions. Feel free to use your own or the ones our scientists put together here. You can ask them or if you do this with a bigger group of kids, you can also write them on paper and hold it in the camera.

What we need from you:

1. Please complete the consent form.


2. Send in your name, the name of the kid(s) and their age. We need to know the age to adjust the answers accordingly.

3. You can record it in your native language but please do send us a translation of your questions and the answers for us to provide subtitles. 

4. Feel free to also submit questions to us from your kids via out Twitter page @CNSeminars using the hashtag #YoungBrains! We will try our best to answer them.

5. Submit your videos, audio files, consent forms, and translations here.

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