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Losing Connection with Memory

Speaker: Dr Mike O’Sullivan, Institute of Psychiatry

16TH AUGUST 2012




This talk focused on white matter changes during memory loss, particularly looking at those pathways shown in the poster - the uncinate fasciculus, the inferior longitudinal fasciculus and the fornix.




Dr Mike O’Sullivan is a Consultant Neurologist at King’s College Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. His specialist area of interest is the effects of stroke and other forms of vascular disease or brain injury on cognition. His corresponding research interest is in the overlap and interaction of ageing, vascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease in the early stages of memory decline. Other interests include the effect of diabetes, high blood pressure and other common risk factors on the brain and he is a recognised international expert in the genetic disease CADASIL. Dr O’Sullivan graduated from the University of Cambridge. His PhD research and specialist neurology training were conducted in London and he also trained in Germany. From 2008-11 he practiced clinically at the Cardiff Memory Clinic whilst also establishing a research programme at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre. For more information on Dr O’Sullivan click here.

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